Category Management

Retail & Consumer Products

Category Managers work at the interface between the consumer goods industry and retail – and on both sides. This is because the demand for experts in product group management is now also increasing among manufacturers. Category management is about creating product groups according to customers’ requirements and presenting them in the best possible way. Strategies are also being developed for the composition of ranges of products and the combination of specific product groups in the area of retail. These can also originate from different product lines, such as sportswear and energy drinks.

In this context, the decisive factor is ascertaining which products belong together from the customer’s point of view. This allows for the reduction of shopping distances and the triggering of impulse buying. This applies to traditional retail, mail order and also to e-commerce.

This concept can only work for retailers and producers who position themselves clearly and know the following things: Who are my customers? How can I reach them? Which products can be grouped together in a product group? Do the manufacturer and retail concept match? After all, even the most beautiful product won’t find any buyers if it is presented in the wrong environment. In category management, analysing the company’s sales as well as the needs and behaviour of its customers are key. The conclusions that are drawn from this, influence both the presentation in retail and the management of the brands and products by the cooperating manufacturers.

It is a complex and critical task! The importance and the requirements of a category manager are becoming increasingly relevant – and the battle to be the best in the market is getting tougher. We probably have the most experience in filling Category Management positions in the German-speaking world – and in the food and non-food segments!