Dieter Hofmann

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Dieter Hofmann is founder and Managing Partner at Hofmann Consultants GmbH.

His consulting focus is on retail.

Subsequent to a commercial apprenticeship and a degree in business studies Dieter Hofmann worked for the Handelszentrale Deutscher Kaufhäuser and Rewe-Leibrand. In 1978 he entered into executive search, founding Hofmann Herbold and Partner in 1985 and Hofmann Managemenberatung, today Hofmann Consultants GmbH, in 2001.

Frank W. Heun

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Frank W. Heun is Managing Partner at Hofmann Consultants GmbH.

His consulting focus is on branded goods (FMCG, SMCG, luxury goods), retail (Multichannel, Pure Player) and the consulting service industry (Strategy Consulting). Frank Heun’s special expertise lies in the recruitment of CEO´s and senior management with strong digital background as well as members of advisory councils.

After obtaining a degree in mathematics and business studies his career path has led him from the consumer goods industry (Unilever) to international management consulting companies, where he successfully completed projects focusing on strategy, business development, marketing and sales (GTP, Gemini Consulting, Marketing Partner, The Consulting Company). During the time at the executive search firm Deininger Consulting he was responsible for the competence practice consumer products & retail. Frank Heun also has many years of experience as an advisory board member in family businesses.

Wolfgang Gebauer

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Wolfgang Gebauer is Partner at Hofmann Consultants GmbH.

Wolfgang Gebauer’s consulting focus is on branded, distance selling and fast moving consumer goods.

With a degree in public administration and actuarial sciences, Wolfgang Gebauer started his career as a consultant with Dr. Heubeck, a consulting firm providing actuarial services and advice in the area of private pension schemes.

In 1989 he entered the Human Resources Business. Since then he was responsible for the national and international HR Management at Reemtsma Tobacco and later on at Vorwerk Household Appliances, one of the leading companies in direct sales.

Kathrin Eliasz

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Kathrin Eliasz is a Consultant at Hofmann Consultants GmbH. Her consulting focus lies on retail and consumer goods.

Following the successful completion of her training as a retail merchant in the luxury goods sector and a degree in Business Administration, Kathrin Eliasz started her career with a leading medium-sized executive search company and was responsible there for recruiting executives and specialists for clients across various industries.

At Hofmann Consultants, she has been successfully active in filling executive and specialist positions for medium-sized and corporate market leaders both nationally and internationally. She has particular competence in the fields of Marketing, Corporate Communication (including Public Affairs and Investor Relations), Sales and Supply Chain Management.

Dr. Christof Hirsch

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Fax +49 (0)69 36 50 50-499

Christof Hirsch is Managing Director at Hofmann Consultants GmbH.

His professional focus is on Retail and Consumer Goods. Following his graduation in economics and social sciences, he received a Ph.D. from the University of Dortmund. Christof Hirsch has filled management and specialist positions for many years, thus acquiring in-depth knowledge of organizational structures and establishing an extensive network of candidates and decision-makers. Prior to joining Hofmann Consultants, he worked at the executive search firm Deininger Consulting and was responsible for management positions in the consumer goods and the industrial sector.

In addition, Christof Hirsch is a certified business coach and advises managers in decision-making situations as well as on issues of job related conflicts, leadership and motivation.

Patric Heberlein

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Patric Heberlein is Principal at Hofmann Consultants GmbH. His consulting focus is on consumer goods (brand & private labels) as well as retail (multi-channel, pure players).

Following the completion of his apprenticeship as forwarding agent, he already started his consulting career as Research Consultant with Heads! Executive Consultancy in Munich during his business administration studies. After several successful positions in the sales department of a leading discount food retailer, Patric re-entered the Executive Search business as Senior Consultant with JBH Herget, where he supported market-leading clients from the pharmaceutical and food industries. During his next career steps as Senior Consultant and Partner at Rau Consultants, he focused on the filling of expert and management vacancies in the consumer goods market (Food & Drinks) and retail sector (Food and Non-Food) for more than eight years. Patric’s particular consulting competency lies in Sales, Marketing, Purchasing/Category Management and Operations (Production, SCM) positions.

Jan Loewen

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Jan Loewen is Partner at Hofmann Consultants GmbH. His consulting focus is on emotionally charged branded goods (FMCG, SMCG, in particular fashion, beauty, lifestyle & luxury) and the corresponding retail.

Jan studied business administration at the Universität des Saarlandes majoring in marketing, organization theory (HR) and retail. Following various national and international assignments in marketing and sales at Wella and Procter & Gamble, he moved from the beauty to the fashion side
in 2006. As Senior Vice President at Hugo Boss, he led the complex re-positioning of a high fashion brand before he took over global responsibility for all Hugo Boss licenses.

Jan Loewen has worked in Germany and Switzerland and entertains a huge network including top talents in general management, marketing, sales and (e-) retail.


Tran Huynh

Tel. +49 (0)69 36 50 50-173
Fax +49 (0)69 36 50 50-499

Tran Huynh is a Consultant at Hofmann Consultants GmbH with an industry focus on retail
(multi-channel, pure player), consumer goods (FMCG, SMCG) and professional services (strategy, management consultancies).

Following her degree in linguistics and sociology at the university of Bielefeld and an apprenticeship as a foreign trade merchant, Tran initially spent a few years working for a global industrial corporation in their international sales department prior to obtaining a Graduate Diploma in International Business from the University of South Australia. She subsequently joined an international Executive Search company where her own consulting focus lay on advising both international corporations and medium-size companies on the successful recruitment of specialists and executives. She has particular competence in filling Marketing/CRM/Customer Experience, Corporate Communication and HR functions and in the placement of executives with a high level of digital knowledge.

Jörn Rebholz

Tel. +49 (0)69 36 50 50-142
Fax +49 (0)69 36 50 50-499

Jörn Rebholz is Consultant at Hofmann Consultants GmbH with an industry focus on retail (multichannel, pure player), consumer goods (FMCG, SMCG) and professional services (strategy and management consultancies).

After he completed a technical apprenticeship and his studies in social anthropology Jörn worked successfully for leading executive search firms with a focus on the technology sector. At Hofmann Consultants he advised both international groups as well as mid caps in their search of specialists and executives. His particular competence is in sales, purchase/category management and in placing executives with digital competence.

Paavo Zeebe

Tel. +49 (0)69 36 50 50-120
Fax +49 (0)69 36 50 50-499

Paavo Zeebe is Principal at Hofmann Consultants GmbH. He specializes in the industry areas of retail (multichannel, pure player), fashion, sports & lifestyle and consumer goods companies (FMCG, SMCG).

After completing his studies in business administration, Paavo started as a market analyst at an American market research company in Frankfurt am Main. He began his career in executive search in 2005 at Egon Zehnder International. As an associate, he was responsible for international corporations and medium-sized companies in the financial services and consumer goods market. In his next career step as a consultant at Heads! Executive Consultancy, he exclusively focused on the consumer goods market successfully filling management functions for his clients for more than 10 years. His particular competency lies in sales, marketing/CRM/customer experience, purchase/category management and in placing executives within central services (finance & controlling, human resources and IT).

Dr. Christoph Achenbach

Tel. +49 (0)69 36 50 50-160

Fax +49 (0)69 36 50 50-499


Christoph Achenbach has a close cooperation with Hofmann Consultants in the search for supervisory and advisory board members within the industry sectors consumer goods and retail.

He is founder and managing partner of BfUN GmbH in Cologne and is focused on advising mid caps in the DACH-region regarding generational change, corporate governance and the placement of supervisory, advisory and trustee boards.

Christoph Achenbach is a member in several advisory and supervisory boards of renowned German companies and since many years co-editor of the well-known journal “Der Aufsichtsrat”.

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